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Patient well-being, clinical expertise, a commitment to ethical principles, and the integration of cutting-edge technology define the foundation of my practice. This ensures that individuals encounter the pinnacle of excellence in both dental health and cosmetic dentistry.

Specialist In orthodontics - Cosmetic And Restorative Dentistry


Dr. Nona Naghavi, a dentist from the University of Toronto since 2004, has a contagious love for laughter, especially reveling in the prowess of stand-up comedians whom she considers to possess remarkable talent. While her own foray into lecturing initially felt like a daunting task, she has not only survived but now eagerly anticipates her annual series of lectures to dental students at Nova University. Her childhood obsession with maintaining an impeccably organized bedroom led to her discovery as a “serial straightener,” a trait that persisted into adulthood, manifesting in her dedication to setting things straight in the realm of dentistry. As a mother of two, she occasionally sports a frazzled look, having not experienced a full night’s sleep since 2010. However, a good laugh or the gift of a book, her favorite thing in the world, can swiftly restore her to her usual smart self. Despite being a dentist, her heart was melted by a wise gentleman who convinced her to exchange the icicles in her hair for the warmth of Florida. Since 2009, Dr. Naghavi has been passionately in love—with her husband, teeth, and the captivating doors of Jacksonville University—eagerly looking forward to tending to the unique smiles of those she encounters.



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